Procedural Content Generation Challenge

So this month we are doing this…

Create assets via code and apply them into blockchain-based games


Art: Create something procedurally generated. It could be graphics, enemies, sound … whatever it fits your creativity.

Game: Create a game using some concepts of blockchains. Hint look for SDKs, plugins whatever, to make your life easier.

Submissions via

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In order to inspire how to create procedural art, here are some references:

The original ProcJam:


openprocessing language to kick start your code art

Procedural Content Generation Wiki wiki with lots of content about how to generate content procedurally.

Procedural Content Generation Book Search

Some tags relevant to inspire you on how art could be created procedurally. #generativeart #algorithmicart #codeart #p5jslib


Engagement drivers could improve your game retention: Octalysis gamification framework


Awesome NFT

NFT network listing – Awesome ethereum course

General References



The best work could be invited to go to SP meet our team – Sthorm: Tickets, food, housing, beer … are on us.*

*Sthorm team will validate the submissions.


Until next Piauindie meeting. Around the start of January; The solution must be submitted via

Good Luck Have Fun – glhf

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